A Universal Wink

Sometimes kids say the darnest things. I’m amazed at what I learn from the children I tutor. I would like to share something that happened recently to me. I think we need to change our thinking towards children who have dyslexia. These are very bright, intelligent, funny, creative and entertaining people. We should never think less of them just because they struggle to read, write and spell.

After I finished tutoring the mom and the child walked out of my office. I needed to take a break and followed them out. They didn’t realize I was behind them. The little girl was holding the mom’s hand and said to her mom, “Mommy, she is nice and smart.” It was one of those moments, so pure and innocent. No denying it. Now my husband tells me I’m smart all the time and I don’t always believe him. My clients give me amazing compliments. But this one touched me in a way that made me believe it. A Universe Wink is what I’ve been calling it.

How many times do we question our abilities? What non-truths do our children believe about themselves? What if I questioned what the little girl thought of me.

I am nice?

I am smart?

We tend to put questions marks where we shouldn’t. What would happen if we just dropped the question marks altogether?

That could be life changing for children in school who have dyslexia. Have a gorgeous weekend.