Advocating Testimonial:

Eileen is helping us through a confusing and overwhelming process with knowledge, dedication, and experience. I'm honestly not sure what we'd do without her expertise and am truly thankful to have her guidance and support. With absolute certainty, it is incredibly beneficial to work with Eileen. The work she does has helped us navigate a path and makes a tremendously positive impact.
Linda - Franklin, TN

I knew that my daughter had reading problems in early elementary school and I strongly suspected that she had dyslexia. As that time, the school did not want to acknowledge or discuss the possibility of dyslexia and continued to try and "resolve" her reading problems with programs that were not helping her improve. I called Eileen, who confirmed my suspicions of my daughter's dyslexia and she pinpointed exactly what my daughter needed to help her read successfully. Eileen advocated for my daughter's IEP and continues to provide me with support in how to address specific issues. Her help has been invaluable. Without her, I believe that I would still be struggling to get my daughter on the right path. My daughter has gained tremendously in literacy and her self confidence grows everyday. Thank you Eileen!
Amy - Franklin, TN

Due to some miscommunications and incorrect information within our school system, we made the decision to hire an advocate. Eileen came highly recommended. Our process took months and was quite difficult. Eileen was informative and not only advocated for our child, but also taught us how to advocate for our child. I am happy to say that it has been resolved and communication has improved. Eileen was a phenomenal source of information, and she was a constant presence through the entire ordeal. We are forever grateful for her!
Dana - Obion, TN

"I fought my daughter's school for a year before I sought out Mrs. Miller's assistance. Within the first few weeks of this school year, Eileen helped us obtain a 504 plan for our daughter, and now an IEP. I am certain we would not have received the needed services for our daughter had it not been for her help. Mrs. Miller has shown great compassion throughout the entire process and proved to be an excellent source of information. She asked us what our goal was and asked our daughter what she wanted out of school as well, and then she helped us work towards and meet those goals.
Mrs. Miller was terrific at organizing, managing our child's records, and creating agendas to present a strong case at school meetings, If you need assistance advocating for your child, I would highly recommend Mrs. Eileen Miller's services. I simply cannot thank her enough for all she continues to do for us."
Rachel - Smyrna, TN

"I had been struggling to get help for my daughter in school and Eileen's name was given to me by a friend. Eileen helped me understand the process of the S-Team meeting and with helping to get my daughter the help she needed. Eileen is a great advocate because she knows the law but she also listens and understands. My daughter and I are lucky to have Eileen on our side."
Jennifer - Knoxville, TN

Screening Testimonial:

"After two years of struggling with my daughter, I had hit the wall. What was going on? I was given Eileen's name and there started our new journey. My daughter was screened by Eileen, and the results showed her to be moderate to severe dyslexic. Now I had answers to my many questions. Eileen took her time and made it her personal mission to let me know it would be OK. Words can not describe the dedication, professionalism, and care she puts into my daughter and her future. That special feeling you have when you are taken care of, that is what I get with Eileen. Her knowledge and awareness makes me want to learn more as well. How can I help others? If I could give someone one person to call to have on their journey, I would give them Eileen's name. You won't be disappointed. You will be forever grateful."
Jenna - Mt. Juliet, TN

Parent's Testimonial:

"Ms. Eileen has been my daughter's tutor for over four years now. After an illness left her with a traumatic brain injury, her cognitive abilities regarding written expression, spelling and reading were compromised. Ms. Eileen has been compassionate, patient, and supportive with her which has boosted her confidence in the classroom and in general. Ms. Eileen is a wonderful asset to have for my daughter's educational path and we recommend her highly!"
Melissa - Franklin, TN

"I just left my 6th grade son's IEP meeting never feeling better. Yes, he has dyslexia but the three years of tutoring with Eileen have been the building blocks of success. I know we would not be where we are today without her instruction and care. When we talk about our success with dyslexia, we talk about Eileen and the enormous role she played. My advice is to commit early to intervention, pick a tutor who understands the struggle and stay the course. Three years from today, you will hopefully talk about the same succeeds as I can."
Haley - Franklin, TN

"We consider finding Mrs. Miller a true blessing. Our son was struggling with both reading and writing and was no where near grade level. After working with Mrs. Miller he is now reading on grade level, his writing has improved and he has more confidence in himself. Not only has she helped him with his struggles but she has also been a great support to us and a huge resource when it comes to understanding dyslexia."
Kim - Franklin, TN

"After we found out Sophie had Dyslexia and Dysgraphia, I started tutoring her right away (myself) using the Barton Reading, Writing and Spelling System. It was like pulling fingernails out, one by one - for BOTH of us. Sophie hated it and acted out, which made me hate it also. After over 5 long months, we finally decided it wasn't going to work for us long-term. I called Eileen and she worked Sophie into her schedule. Now Sophie LOVES to go to tutoring. And I mean that. She goes on and on about how much Fun Miss Eileen is. The difference in her attitude is so extreme it's almost unbelievable. But Thank God for it and for Miss Eileen!"
Amy - Franklin, TN

Student's Testimonial: