IEP Coaching services

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IEP Coaching services


Perfect Solution for Parents Who Know They are Their Child's Best Advocate and Need This to Be Their Child's BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER!  

Eileen Miller will use her 10 years of IEP Coaching experience to Help You Know What You NEED TO CHANGE in YOUR CHILD'S Education!

Dear Parent, You've figured out that you are your child's best advocate.  Nobody gets your child like you do.  Now, you need to make sure that the school team "gets" your child.  You also have to figure out....

  • What should my child really be learning this school year
  • Which battles should I fight, which should I let go
  • How do I make sure my child's goals are good goals for MY CHILD
  • How do I know if something is missing my child's IEP
  • What should I say to the IEP team to get them to listen
  • How do I make sure the IEP is really being followed
  • How do I know if my child is in the right placement

After being an advocate for children who have been diagnosed with dyslexia for the past 10 years and help parents advocate through the school system, together we can get straight to the important stuff about your child's education in an IEP Consult. 

Your consult starts with you filling out a simple form that will highlight your top 3 concerns for your child's education.  You'll send that form and your child's current IEP or diagnostic testing as well as RTI data to be reviewed.  Next, you'll have a 60-90 minute phone consult to tackle concerns and next steps in your child's education.  You won't have to worry about taking notes, you'll receive a recap of all points and action steps discussed.  This will be YOUR ADVOCACY ACTION PLAN! 

The IEP process should not steal the joy of watching your child learn away from you.  With an action plan, you can feel confident that you are doing everything possible to get what you need out of the school system. When you reserve your consult, you will also receive:

  • Advocacy Letters & Emails that you can cut & paste to use for YOUR child! These are the same letters and emails I’ve been using for 10 years, with my private IEP clients, they work!

WHO Should Reserve a Consult:

  • Parents who need to build their advocacy skills and relieve anxiety about what to ask for in their child’s education.
  • Parents who are confident in advocating for their child, but need to know what to ask for.
  • Parents who have an advocate who attends meetings with them, but wants to sharpen their knowledge and skill so they can make the best use of their advocate’s time.

Your Advocate: Eileen Miller has been an IEP Coach for children with dyslexia for ten years! After experiencing the broken system for her daughter, Eileen started working for YOU the parent and never looked back.  

Your IEP Consult with Eileen Miller includes:

-Review of current IEP document, including current testing & RTI data

-90-minute phone consultation with Eileen Miller.

-Written Recap of Consult = IEP Advocacy Action Plan

-Bonus Letters, Emails, Checklists to Use for Your Child



  • You will receive an email within 2 business days with information on how to fill out the information form, send your IEP and schedule your IEP consult.
  • Eileen does NOT give legal advice, all advocacy decisions are your own.

Straight from Parents Who Work with Eileen: "Due to some miscommunications and incorrect information within our school system, we made the decision to hire an advocate. Eileen came highly recommended. Our process took months and was quite difficult. Eileen was informative and not only advocated for our child, but also taught us how to advocate for our child. I am happy to say that it has been resolved and communication has improved. Eileen was a phenomenal source of information, and she was a constant presence through the entire ordeal. We are forever grateful for her!" Dana

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